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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

We’re here for the sole reason of allowing more people to find their passion in sport. We’re making better connections for communities to connect with clubs and sports facilities in their areas. Allowing everyone to know what is going on, when and where.

Our Mission.

As sports enthusiasts ourselves we feel the need to rekindle the sport booking system for the modern day consumer. Sports Easy is a sports booking platform with the aim of connecting all leisure, sport centres and schools in the UK via one web application.

Your Next Steps.

We’re looking to hear from Individuals, Organisations, Schools, Sport Centres and Local Authorities. We want to find out more about your opinion of sports in your area. We’re very passionate sports people and love to chat. So, whatever it is, contact us today.


Connecting and creating active communities. Join us, on a journey into the future of sports!

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